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Email: tuaha3333@gmail.com
Skype: toha3011
Phone: +1(607) 699 9826

Our Service Pricing Includes:


Free Trial







5 Craigslist PVA

7 Days Replacement


Create with Gmail/Yahoo/AOL

GEO Located PVA

24 Hours Express Delivery




10 Craigslist PVA

10 Days Replacement Guarantee

Create with Gmail/Yahoo/AOL

GEO Located PVA

24-48 Hours Express Delivery




50 Craigslist PVA

15 Days Replacement Guarantee

Create with Gmail/Yahoo/AOL

GEO Located PVA

24-48 Hours Express Delivery




100 Craigslist PVA

30 Days Replacement Guarantee

Create with Gmail/Yahoo/AOL

GEO Located PVA

24-72 Hours Express Delivery

Dear Valued Customer:

We are leading and Top Google search engine ranking craigslist Phone verified account service provider. If you type “Craigslist PVA” or Buy Craigslist Phone verified account you will find us on top on Google search. Since 2014 we are providing Craigslist PVA services. Our PVA is authentic and created with a high-quality phone number and dedicated IP. Md Khairul Islam who is the founder and CEO of Guaranteed Internet Marketing, Inc is the owner of this Business. Beside Craigslist PVA we also Provide Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Quora, Yelp and any other PVA services. People finding us trustworthy and useful in terms of any PVA services. New Business owner will also find us handy and our customer support team will guide you how to work on craigslist. Put your time and money in the best place.

Want to buy craiglist PVA with a unique phone number?Craigslist phone verified account is for sale here for you. Buy Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts! Reasonable Price and Top quality Service.All our Services are done by manually with Top quality Experienced Team. We offer Craigslist PVA with fresh IP Address, unique Gmail Account, real US phone number. We deliver only workable PVA Account.

If any accounts are not working within 6 Days of being delivered and no posting activity has been initiated we will replace them. If one of your PVA’s has been suspended on Craigslist.org for violating their Terms and Conditions we will not offer a replacement accounts or refund. We will not be responsible for any Ghosting – Flagging – blocking of accounts done by craigslist.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Craigslist PVA?
Craigslist PVA means Craigslist Phone verified account. Its a general process when you are trying to post on Ads in craigslist they will ask to verify your account using a phone number. They do it as for security purposes so that people can not do scam over here.

Why you need Craigslist PVA account?
For Posting Ads on craigslist.org you need craigslist Phone verified Account or Craigslist PVA accounts.Before you place any Ads on craigslist your account must be verified with Phone number

I have phone number then why i should Buy PVA?
Well using 1 number you may verify one account. But if you want to post 10,20,50,100 or more you need 10,20,50,100 or more Phone number which is extremly expensive. That is why you need to buy Craigslist PVA account and that is why we are here for you.

While buying PVA what criteria I should follow?
When you are buying PVA you should tell your provider as they must provide you GEO Targeted (Like you want to post in Miami then your account should be created with Miami IP, Phone number and Email address) Craigslist PVA account.

Which Email is Best For PVA?
Well Email which is easy to use for you would be best option for your Craigslist PVA account. I would recommend Gmail. But you may get it with AOL, YAHOO, HOTMAIL or other email too.

What IP services I should Buy?
If you are outside USA and trying to post in Craigslist USA location then you have to buy IP or VPN or Privet proxy. Most of the cases these IPs are bad for craigsist posting. From my point of view i would suggest you to buy virtul compuetr or Verizon IP network from USA. Do not Buy any VPN or Shared proxy. Both VPN and Shared proxy’s are useless.

I have seen some other websites like yours, which one is authentic?

Well we are here in the business since 2014 and people are started copying our contents and images in their website. Even they are trying to copy our graphics too. But if you take a close look you may seen the blur and mistake english there. Some are tying to sell log quality PVA by dropping the rates. So be careful about buying before cheating.

Why I should buy PVA from you?
This is Million Dollar question and you have asked exactly the right question. We are people of professional in the field of Craigslist PVA making and have been working since 2014.We always provide GEO located craigslist PVA account. We always offer Express delivery so that you can get your PVA just in time. More over we are industry leading PVA service provider and offer 100% money back guarantee if you have any issue with your accounts and we are failed to deliver what you want!

Benefits you will get from our services

You need a Phone verified Craigslist account to post ads on Craigslist. And you can post very few ads within 48 hours (2 days). With our Services, you can post ads in craigslist as many as you want. Our Craigslist PVA accounts are 100% guaranteed and we only deliver workable PVA accounts.Our Craigslist posts are 100% live. And we only provide working GEO targeted USA and forwarding number.

  • We deliver your work fast. Within 48 hours, you will get your work report. In case of large order, we take maximum 4 days. As all of our work is done by manually.

  • All our accounts are made by using Gmail accounts. If you have any preferred choice just email us before place your order. You can order as many as PVA accounts you want.

  • Every Craigslist accounts are tested before deliver so that we can guarantee you top quality service.

  • In case of account re-verification, you just use a phone number that provided in the report. You will get a text message or phone call in your phone number with verification code.

Our Other services are…

Live Craigslist Ads Post!

Let’s start getting leads from USA. You can now have ads for your services or products appear nationwide to thousands of potential customers on the 9th most visited sites in the USA!

You need to provide following details:

1. Content of the Ads

2. Select cities

3. Phone number you want to use for the post

4. Area Code

5. Name

6. Email (optional)

7. Address on maps (optional)

8. Images (optional)

We will take care of the rest of the things by our expert team. We will send you complete report when the work will be completed. All our ads will be live.

Buy Craigslist PVA (Phone Verified Account)

Need to purchase Craigslist PVA? How many you want to buy? In the event that you are considering purchasing PVA, you have to first work out how many ads you want to post on Craigslist.

According to craigslist ads post terms and conditions you can post one ad in 48 hours. Otherwise, your account may hold by craigslist.

Now it depends on you that how many ads you want to post in craigslist per day. If you want to post 10 ads in craigslist per day you should buy 20 Craigslist PVA account. As like if you want to post 20, 50, 100 you need to buy 40, 100 and 200 PVA account. Every time you need to double your PVA account regarding your Post.


 Buy Forwarded Number or GEO targeted USA Number

We are offering you best quality forwarded Number and GEO targeted USA phone number. We offer you 100% replacement guarantee with RDSL Services.

We deliver our work in 6-24 hours and have a replacement guarantee in 7 days.



We would like to discuss with you before you place your order. You can contact us directly with Skype or you can email us. We are always ready to discuss.

Inquiry About our Services

Does your account works for Craigslist Ads posting?

Yes of course it will work with craigslist Ads posting services. You never see the verification window pop up before posting. Our Job alwys to provide you top quality Craigslist Phone verified account so that you can enjoy your posting works without any hassel. Still if you have any further issue regarding Phone verification please get in touch within first 7 days after your order delivered, we will fix the issue compeletly for free.

Does account need one time Link activation?

Yes, according to craigslist latest update account will need one time link activation due to change of IP. So don’t get panic and just activate your account with provided email addess.  Never change craigslist account password while activating your accounts. Changing password may lead to your account re-phone verifiation process. So please be careful about this.

How much time i can use 1 account

You can use account at least 45-60 days for sure. But if you can good posting practices you can use your account more than 6 months also. Its all in you hand now. Sometimes account may ask re-phone verifcation within first 15 days if you change your account password or if you account get blacklisted due to scam practice.

How many Ads I can post using 1 account?

You can post as many ads you want using 1 account. But best practise is to post 1-2 Ads/day using 1 account. Frequent ads posting could be an issue for account on Hold or Ads getting flagged or Ghosted.

Do you Offer Test Order?

Yes I Offer for test Order of Minimum 2 Craigslist Phone verified account.

Do you offer Discount for Bulk Order?

Yes I provide a discount for Bulk Craigslist PVA account.

How much for Test Order?

5$ for 2 Craigslist Phone verified account. Account will be created with Gmail/AOL/Yahoo email.

Do you have any Replacement policy?

Yes I have 7-30 days replacement policy

How much for 10,20,50,100,500 or 1000 craigslist PVA?

For 10 it will cost $22.50, for 20 Craigslist PVA it will cost $45, for 50 It will cost $100, for 100 it will cost $175, For 500 it will cost $625, for 1000 it will cost $1100

Do you provide Email with craigslist phone verified accounts / Craigslist PVA?

Yes, of course, I provide Yahoo, Gmail (for Gmail extra charge apply), AOL email address with craigslist account

How much time you take to deliver?

I will take 24-48 hours to deliver. Depend on order quantity it may extend up to 72-96 hours.

Do you have readymade PVA?

No, I do not have any readymade PVA. I always provide fresh craigslist Phone verified account. Once people order and confirm payment I start my work.

Do you provide GEO Targeted Craigslist Phone verified account?

Yes I provide GEO targeted craigslist phone verified account (USA and Canada region only)

What if you’re provided craigslist account ask re-phone verification?

If my provided craigslist account ask re-phone verification within first 7 days after the delivery report I will fix it for free. But after 7 days it will cost 1.75$/re-phone verification.

What payment option you accept?

I accept Paypal, Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payoneer

I want to post 10,20,50,100 or more ads per day how many PVA I will need?

You will need 5 PVA for 10, 10 PVA for 20, 25 PVA for 50, 50 PVA for 100 or half of the PVA regarding your required post

Do you provide other services?

Yes I provide Facebook PVA, Twitter PVA, Instagram PVA, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Quora account, Yelp account etc.

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