Question: Do you Provide Craigslist Phone Verified accounts (Craigslist PVA accounts)?

Answer: Yes I provide Craigslist Phone Verified account.

Question: How much is per account?

Answer: 2.50$/Craigslist PVA account.

Question: Do you offer Discount for Bulk Order?

Answer: Yes I provide a discount for Bulk Craigslist PVA account.

Question: How much for 10,20,50,100,500 or 1000 craigslist PVA?

Answer: For 10 it will cost $22.50, for 20 Craigslist PVA it will cost $45, for 50 IT will cost $100, for 100 it will cost $175, For 500 it will cost $625, for 1000 it will cost $1100

Question: Do you have any Replacement policy?

Answer: Yes I have 7-30 days replacement policy

Question: Do you provide Email with craigslist phone verified accounts / Craigslist PVA?

Answer: Yes, of course, I provide Yahoo, Gmail (for Gmail extra charge apply), AOL email address with craigslist account

Question: How much time you take to deliver?

Answer: I will take 24-48 hours to deliver. Depend on order quantity it may extend up to 72-96 hours.

Question: Do you have readymade PVA?

Answer: I do not have any readymade PVA. I always provide fresh craigslist Phone verified account. Once people order and confirm payment I start my work.

Question: Do you provide GEO Targeted Craigslist Phone verified account?

Answer: Yes I provide GEO targeted craigslist phone verified account (USA and Canada region only)

Question: What if you’re provided craigslist account ask re-phone verification?

Answer: If my provided craigslist account ask re-phone verification within first 7 days after the delivery report I will fix it for free. But after 7 days it will cost 1.75$/re-phone verification.

Question: What payment option you accept?

Answer: I accept Paypal, Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payoneer

Question: I want to post 10,20,50,100 or more ads per day how many PVA I will need?

Answer: You will need 5 PVA for 10, 10 PVA for 20, 25 PVA for 50, 50 PVA for 100 or half of the PVA regarding your required post

Question: Do you provide other services?

Answer: Yes I provide Facebook PVA, Twitter PVA, Instagram PVA, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Quora account, Yelp account etc.

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